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If we were an energy drink, we’d be “Synergy.”

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Successful branding is about building a committed, put-a-ring-on-it kind of relationship with your audience. We’ve mastered the art of showcasing your brand’s value and not only giving consumers a reason to check you out, but also a reason to stick around.

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Bright like the orange-clad office in which we operate, HZ boasts visionary creatives, industry pioneers, and the means to take your brand to astronomical highs. Sure, we’ve seen MadMen, but our operation bears no resemblance to the grim drama of Don Draper’s world. There’s no trendy gimmick or glossy veneer—just superior advertising.

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Digital is bigger than simply “on the computer”—it is the key to unlocking a brand’s everywhereness, the means of amplifying reach and the secret to multiplying audience. Digital is what allows brands to unfold in far-reaching, complex, and powerful ways—and it’s time to start treating as such.

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We don’t call ourselves “integrated” just so we can print buzzwords on our business cards—we employ a wide range of online and offline directives, fusing them seamlessly into contextualized and far-reaching campaigns. Integrated marketing is about establishing a cohesive and immersive experience for consumers to engage with—so let’s give them something to talk about.

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We live for this stuff. Great creative doesn’t spring from bold intentions or boardroom presentations. It stems from boundless energy and addiction to innovation. For nearly 30 years, HZ has thrived on just this—developing unforgettable and immersive experiences for each of our clients. It's not just about pushing boundaries—it's about tearing them down when they get in the way of a big idea. Because where other agencies might rely on tired practices, our staff of innovators and experts is unapologetically committed to seeing the world in a different way—to putting our minds to work until we have creative solutions worthy of our loftiest ambitions.
5 locations ROCK NYC BALT DC CALI, 170+ in-house staff, Woman owned and creatively operated, 28 years in business
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5 locations ROCK NYC BALT DC CALI, 170+ in-house staff, Woman owned and creatively operated, 28 years in business

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