May 20, 2021

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

1. Follow the TikTok Conversation

“The hashtag #disabilityawareness has over 380 million views on TikTok, showing that young fans are clearly eager to learn more and celebrate this type of content,” Cassandra reports. Read on to learn about three TikTok influencers in this space and how they are spreading education on differences and acceptance. 

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2. Products for Everyone

Our WPP sister agency Wunderman Thompson rounded up five product designs that were created with accessibility in mind, from Nike’s hands-free sneaker to PepsiCo’s soda bottles designed for a single-handed grip.

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3. And a Few Tips...

For some suggestions on digital accessibility, the Australian Network on Disability offers a few beginner tips, from providing image descriptions to using “true” headings.

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HZ challenges you to think through accessibility as it relates to your job and the work you create.