May 5, 2021

New Developments in Social Media and Email Marketing

1. Snap Better Pics

“The camera is, in fact, racist,” says Snap engineer Bertrand Saint-Preux. Snap, which acknowledged its own “past mistakes,” is working with film directors to modify its camera technology to improve the photo quality of darker skin tones—from adjusting the front flash to better capture low-light selfies to upgrading machine learning systems to improve all photos to a certain threshold rather than the average. 

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2. Email Marketing, Easy as Prime

Amazon—which experienced $386.1 billion in sales last year—has now opened up email marketing for sellers on its Brand Registry. The “Manage Your Customer Engagement” tool allows brands to send emails about sales, new products, and more directly to customers who have opted in. While Amazon hides the customer information from the sellers, companies can see email metrics from the sends.

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3. ICYMI: Facebook Is Also Getting into the Newsletter Game

Facebook announced in March that it’s launching a new tool: “In the coming months in the U.S., we’ll introduce a new platform to empower independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and grow their businesses.” This includes a self-publishing tool with the ability to build websites and newsletters, integrations with Pages and Groups, and insights, monetization tools, and accelerator services. 

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