Sep 29, 2020

Short-Term Creative Staffing with HZ

When it comes to client relations in the time of COVID-19, HZ has not been one to back down from a challenge—especially when there’s a new strategy, opportunity, or offering to better accommodate needs during these unusual times. So when one of our clients approached us with a unique ask, we got right to work with an even more unique solution. 

Our client needed help branding their new initiative for internal and B2B audiences. And while the work was right in our wheelhouse, the process we took was far from conventional. We provided our new People Pods service as a solution to help get them across the finish line. 

A lean and dedicated team of specialists, an HZ People Pod provides a client with short-term creative staffing for advertising, branding, or communication projects. So when it came to our client's forward-thinking and solution-oriented sustainability initiative, we assembled a nimble-yet-powerful team of creatives and account executives to lay out a project plan, work on graphic and digital design elements, and establish a visual identity and logo design—all on an expedited four-week timeline. 

Our clients stay in the mix, too, with a direct line of communication with their People Pod team and a series of check-ins laid out to ensure things run smoothly and according to plan.  

teams of specialists

While every People Pod will look different according to the client and project, we have identified several sample People Pods to help accommodate some of the more common requests. From our Campaign Creators Pod—made up of a Strategist, Art Director, and Copywriter—to our Screen Team Pod—a Video Producer, Editor/Animator, and Creative Director—each Pod has unique specialities to meet specific project goals. We also offer entirely customized teams for any project that doesn’t fit an established Pod.

The work produced by HZ People Pods proves that powerful results can come from small teams in a short period of time—especially when it includes the right people with the right vision. And in the case of this client, the results pushed their sustainability initiative further than they previously imagined and opened doors to further collaborations in the future. 

Interested in learning more about HZ People Pods? Check it out here.