Glenn Watts

Glenn’s two joys in life are people and technology, and he thrives working at the intersection of both.

As the agency’s Chief Information Officer, Glenn is responsible for the agency’s technological infrastructure, security, compliance and vision across the enterprise. Working with other members of the Executive Leadership Team, Glenn sets the agency’s Technology Strategic Plan and then brings it to reality.

Glenn has over 25 years of agency experience in the technology industry and has helped the agency navigate a path of constant growth, innovation and adoption of new technologies. Whether it be virtualization, automation, cloud architecture, or the adoption of any other technology paradigm, Glenn ensures that it is done with purpose, with clarity, and with a smile.

Glenn is a champion of growth mindset and an avid meditator and practitioner of mindfulness. In addition to heading up the agency’s weekly meditation practice, Glenn is also a Leadership Coach in BCW Global’s “Leading Above the Line'' Mindful Leadership Program, as well as a regular Guest Speaker at the “Leadership and Meditation” MBA course at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Prior to his role as Chief Information Officer, Glenn has served as the agency’s Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations, and originally, Account Executive.

Glenn is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, with a B.S. in Engineering and Public Policy.

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