Gillian Goodman

From print and digital campaigns to corporate identity, editorial design, and experience-focused creative direction, Gillian has been a leading figure in ultra premium, hospitality, food and beverage, and lifestyle branding for nearly two decades. From her beginnings as a designer/art director at GQ, Oprah’s O Magazine, Town & Country Weddings, Town & Country Travel, Gourmet, and Travel + Leisure magazines, Gillian carved a niche expertise at the intersection of high style and lifestyle.

As VP, Creative Director, Gillian transforms that expertise into unforgettable branded moments across the integrated ecosystem. From high-end publications (such as Sift for King Arthur Flour and Sous-Vide for Cuisine Solutions) to premium product, property branding, and beyond, Gillian’s visionary approach to luxury and lifestyle earns brands the perception (and conversion) they crave. Gilly will be heavily involved from concept through execution to ensure a strong, consistent narrative and visual identity.

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