Washington Wizards
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Washington Wizards

A season of change.


The Washington Wizards were ready for a fresh new look and a tagline that could be used to unite not just the fan base but the DMV (D.C.–Maryland–Virginia) community. That’s where HZ came in. We needed to create a campaign for the team that could stand on its own in the vast D.C. sports lineup while also creating a sense of pride, community and fandom around the DMV itself. That alone is a tall order, but then add on a global pandemic, social justice protests and the pressure to deliver something that people could feel an authentic connection to, all of which only amplified the ask.


The client wanted to celebrate the DMV and make the creative materials feel true to the area. We felt that it was important to embrace D.C.’s role as the capital of our nation and honor its history with visuals that tied back to the D.C. flag and proudly showcased the stars and stripes but in a dynamic way that conveyed movement and energy. The Wizards needed the words to be powerful yet simple. Something that people would not only remember, but be able to identify with. After much deliberation and consideration of current events, we decided that the line “Above All” could deliver everything they were looking for.


“Above All” resonated with The Wizards on multiple levels because it is strong, succinct and inspiring. When fortified by the dimensional graphic elements from the visual toolkit that we created, it became a powerful and memorable concept. “D.C. Above All” has already seen success as a rallying cry for the area and the community work that’s being done, and its ability to adapt to different platforms and communications gives it a longevity that is rare in the sports landscape.

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