DoubleTree by Hilton
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DoubleTree by Hilton

Taking hospitality to new heights.


Inspired by their signature warm chocolate chip cookies and passion for hospitality, DoubleTree wanted to go where no hotel had gone before: space. Our objective was to position them as a forward-thinking, innovative brand, focused on the future of hospitality. 


HZ acted as mission control and engineered a creative direction, deliverables and social components. While DoubleTree worked with Zero G Kitchen on the manufacturing of the oven that would be used aboard the International Space Station, we got to work on concepting, producing, shooting and editing a campaign video that would tell the story of this historic event, as well as abbreviated versions that would act as teasers to pique interest on social media. 

Along with the video that would lead the discussion, we worked hard to create collateral to support the campaign and strengthen relevance in the space and hospitality industries. Animated and stop-motion social posts, logo design, influencer collaborations and 3D renderings of their limited-time cookie tins were all utilized to create reach and increase our following. 


Mission complete. With the tools and expertise that HZ provided, word quickly spread about DoubleTree by Hilton becoming the first hospitality company to participate in research aboard the ISS, and its famous cookie became the first food ever baked in space. And the result? A campaign baked to perfection by ranking in the top 99.9% of campaigns measured on Twitter with Brand Effect. We think that’s pretty sweet.

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