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Cuisine Solutions

Good taste is worth celebrating.


The sous vide technique has transformed haute cuisine across the world, offering ambitious home cooks and professional chefs alike incredible precision and unparalleled flavors in the kitchen. So it was only natural that Cuisine Solutions—the undisputed masters of sous vide—wanted to do something to celebrate it. 

Enter International Sous Vide Day (ISVD), a new worldwide holiday that pays tribute to sous vide innovators as well as enthusiasts. Centered around the birthday of Dr. Bruno Goussault, the father of modern sous vide and Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Food Scientist, the idea was to unite home cooks, professional chefs and dining aficionados around the world. 


Approaching it as an annual event—as opposed to a one-off campaign—we conceived a brand within a brand, something that would excite audiences year after year while still feeling fresh. Following the successful inaugural event, we upped the ante and created “A Toast to the Tastemakers” for ISVD’s second anniversary.  

Scaling the campaign above and beyond year one, we pulled all the ingredients together for an omni-channel marketing effort. The campaign leveraged digital, social, influencers, email and local events to create and sustain buzz, resulting in global engagement and participation in the holiday. Leveraging social content (paid and organic), culinary influencers, restaurant partnerships, a sous vide recipe contest, email marketing and events around the world, we created everything from videos and logos to a website, event invitations and media plans, designing over 60 campaign assets. 


Upon launch, one thing was clear—our audiences were hungry for International Sous Vide Day. We generated 1 million total social impressions, 76K+ contest engagements, a coverage area of 8,800 miles (3 events) and 16 hours of parties/dining, solidifying ISVD’s place on the culinary calendar for years to come. 

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