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A new baby brand is born.


Mockingbird came to HZ with an exciting opportunity to market the first newborn-ready direct-to-consumer baby stroller. They had an idea that they could design a premium, full-sized stroller with all the bells and whistles— without the hefty price tag. But they needed a partner to work collaboratively with them to develop and launch the Mockingbird brand, as well as its signature product—an easy-to-use baby stroller that strikes the balance between comfort and style for the modern family.


Armed with the experience that comes from designing brands from scratch, we jumped right in. From product and logo design to patterns, packaging, a photo shoot and instructional videos, we worked with Mockingbird to birth a beautiful brand experience. Then, to ensure a flawless user experience and seamless sales, our creative and web development teams created a “gorgeous” (that’s a client quote), user-friendly e-commerce website. We also advised on the stroller’s product design—resulting in enhancements to the functionality, structure and compartments—as well as textiles, patterns and overall aesthetics.


Mockingbird entrusted HZ with its brand, and the one we developed propelled the company into instant success. Today, you can find Mockingbird strollers at as well as at your local Target, where you can experience our collaborative ingenuity in person. The brand continues to do right by families by donating a portion of sales to its partner charity, Baby2Baby, an organization dedicated to providing basic necessities to families in need. As a parenting-products company, Mockingbird has a bright future ahead, with plans to solve for even more new-parent woes.

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