Organic Valley
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Organic Valley

Creating organic connections (and content).


When the organic movement first took hold, brands and consumers alike primarily focused on the ingredients in their messaging—an important factor, but not enough of a differentiator in the marketplace. So when Organic Valley came to HZ looking for a website to better connect with its customers, we took a closer look at the brand. And we saw the potential to tell a much richer story across all touchpoints—a story of love and care, of family and community, and success through hard work.


Our goal was to create a modern, digital presence to establish Organic Valley’s place as leaders in the organic food revolution by leading with the authentic, human story that sets them apart. Our team visited the farms to get a feel for the story, and we continued to collaborate every step of the way through progressive visualization, from UX and SEO to wireframes and prototyping. We collaborated with a Mandarin-Chinese translator on a dual-language website to help sell organic ingredients to businesses from around the world. Our efforts culminated in a web experience that’s as one-of-a-kind and personal as it is robust.


With our expedient process in place we were able to deliver a B2B platform that can continue to grow as it inspires new audiences, from food producers in China to restaurants in Seattle. And the fruits of our labor? Product locator searches increased by 34%, the bounce rate was 17% lower than previous homepage and 42% lower than site average, the optimized content improved page load time, while enhanced technical SEO drove 22% more visitors from Google Search.

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