Apr 28, 2021

Building a Full-Service Production Studio

Officially launched in 2015, HZ Productions is our agency’s independently operated, full-service production team. From strategy and concept to live action, animation, still photography, audio, and more—for a wide range of media—we help our brands discover meaningful opportunities and act on them via carefully crafted and impactful content. But this did not happen overnight. 

Employees working in production studio

When the idea for an HZ production studio surfaced, we had already been completing basic video requests for our existing client base. We soon saw an undeniable opportunity: To pitch both current and prospective clients with a full-service production studio and team complete with a deep pool of creative talent. 

After identifying the chance to provide high-quality, best-in-class studio content across a spectrum of client needs and media placements, we took a deep dive in 2015 to see how we could most efficiently bring this particular offering to life. In doing so, we realized the potential of establishing our own specialized team. After all, building out a full-service production studio was a goal we gave ourselves after opening our HZ Baltimore location in 2014. And after fully realizing both the amount of video production work opportunities and the creative talent in reach, we got to work.

HZ Baltimore office interior

We started with a dedicated producer and editor. But with client work already coming in and more on the horizon, we quickly began to expand the team and the space in which they would operate. Renovations on our Baltimore office in 2019 helped us create a space entirely devoted to shooting, editing, and production work. 

From camera packages, drones, and grips and electric to a fully equipped editing suite, we secured the equipment, tools, and software necessary to keep our quality standards and client expectations exceedingly high. What was once an idea had become a full-fledged production group capable of video and broadcast production, 3D and 2D animation, table-top and in-studio still photography, large-scale production coordination, animated social content, strategy, script writing, storyboarding, consulting, and more. 

video production equipment

We’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with a robust nationwide network of vendors and creatives specializing in AR/VR, CGI, post-audio, editorial overflow, and much more. We’ve developed unique ways of navigating the COVID-19 landscape, many of which we will continue to utilize in the future. We’re continuously developing new methods that allow us to shoot effectively, efficiently, and within the budget at hand. 

But really, this is only the beginning. HZ Productions will keep charging forward—making content that makes connections and earns attention for brands brave enough to matter.