Apr 3, 2023

The Agency Brief - Episode 1: A Valuable Partnership

Listen up, we’ve got a few things to say. Which is why we’re launching The Agency Brief, a podcast about the people who know the thing and do the work. We’re diving into some of our favorite projects, current trends, and top insights. 

In our first episode, HZ president Katie Hooper chats with Allison Hudson, EVP, New York Corporate Affairs Practice Lead at BCW, and Jennifer Moreau, VP of Public Relations at Dollar General, about working together on the award-winning “Here for What Matters” campaign and the power of trust and collaboration in a creative partnership.

“It really came to life with the chemistry. We had good chemistry on our team, building this together, going into the pitch process. And I think the DG [Dollar General] team had been so gracious with their time in the lead-in, giving us the opportunity to feel like we got to know them as individuals a little bit too.

Chemistry on both sides, which truly carries through the whole partnership, is part of the reason it’s all worked so well. Those relationships started early, which helped set the stage for where we would go from here.”  — Allison Hudson 

At HZ, we believe in the power of partnerships, and this campaign was no exception. From collaborating with BCW to working seamlessly with Dollar General, all teams were able to come together to create something truly exceptional. 

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