Jun 2, 2021

Social, Social, Social

1. LinkedIn Gets Boosted

LinkedIn’s marketing team unveiled new updates for the platform last week, including boosting capabilities for organic posts. Admins of business pages can now boost high-performing content from their page in order to reach a larger audience than just the brand’s current following. This helps to elevate brand presence and the engagement between brand and audience.

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2. New Data for Instagram

With the Facebook data access drop on the horizon, Instagram has amped up its detailed content metrics that creators have access to. These metrics provide more in-depth research on the performance of Live content and Reels, which previously lacked effective insights. Instagram will also provide creators with access to more insights about audience reach and their distribution, helping brands to understand who they are reaching and whether their audiences are engaged with the current content types.

Although brands will lose access to Facebook Analytics at the end of the month, these new sets of data will be accessible natively through Instagram.

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3. The Future of Influencer Marketing

The team from Ogilvy hosted a conversation on marketing and how the use of influencers helps advertisers and brands increase their level of personalized marketing tactics. Through behavioral marketing, influencers are able to form a deeper understanding of their audience as they build more meaningful connections and strong ties with their followers. Watch the full session below to dive deeper into the evolution of influencer marketing and how it can be effectively utilized today.

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